Design Line

Brand new in Pietra Dolomia is the design line, designed to bring out the mineral's characteristics in new functional and aesthetic variations. The selection includes luxury items, lamps and objects, designed to embellish the interior decoration of any room.


The Design Line includes Bea, Cloud and Up, three models of lamps designed to meet customers' aesthetic furniture needs. Our proposal can be declined in five different versions, all of which can be customized upon request, both in size and light source and accessories.


Pietra Dolomia's Design Line dedicated to the table includes plates, centerpieces and Trays in various shapes and sizes. The artifacts in this selection are suitable for use in both furnishing than serving. The bold yet refined lines, enhanced by the material effect of Pietra Dolomia® natural, make these tools perfect for elegant and distinguished settings.

During processing, the stone undergoes an oil-water repellent and protective finishing treatment through a specific odorless and nontoxic product, making it suitable for food contact.

The concept design of the food line is the result of a team effort of Pietra Dolomia® technicians and master craftsmen from partner workshops.


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