The stone

The quarry

The mining site called "I Piegn", is located in Colzaresè, in the municipality of S. Tomaso Agordino (BL), a surface quarry where innovative and non-invasive extraction technologies are applied in full respect of environmental sustainability standards.

Attention to territory suggests the use of waste or portions of rocks, in order to optimize the yield of the extracted material. A natural raw material produced locally, Pietra Dolomia is an identity symbol of our mountains.

Pietra Dolomia®

The stone's peculiarities, such as its limestone brilliance, are enhanced in the decorative and structural use of indoor and outdoor environments.
From flooring to cladding, from fountains to massive staircases, as well as portals, jambs, sills, kitchen countertops, bathroom tops and tables, Pietra Dolomia® is particularly versatile and aesthetically unique.
Due to its anti-freezing characteristics and ease of maintenance, Pietra Dolomia® is widely used for high-altitude pavements and wellness and relaxation areas. Its chromatic gradation, defined by a medium gray tone, matches perfectly with materials such as wood, steel, and corten.


From the collaboration with an internationally renowned company specializing in flooring, the agglomerated Dolomite stone was designed, allowing us to restore and enhance the entire production of the quarry, with a focus on eco-sustainability. 
The granules, of variable thickness, combined with cement and resins, allow us to obtain a product with high functional characteristics, versatile, and widely used for paving and cladding large surfaces. Among the numerous advantages are the ease of sourcing and excellent mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

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